Artelac Nighttime Gel (10 g)

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Bausch & Lomb
10 g
Gel para los ojos
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Artelac Night Gel protects against persistent irritation, dry, gritty, stinging eyes. Soothes and relieves symptoms.

Artelac Nighttime Gel is a combination eye gel for people with dry eyes (chronic tear dysfunction). Artelac Nighttime Gel is designed to provide long-lasting hydration at night when dry eye symptoms can worsen.
Dry eye occurs when the eye loses its normal tear drop ability. These symptoms can have many causes, including age and environmental factors such as air conditioning.

Artelac Nighttime Gel is a highly viscous formulation that provides three layers of film stability for night-time comfort, each providing long-lasting hydration to combat dry eye. 

Triglyceride lipids - seal in moisture
Carbomer gel - prolongs adhesion to the eye surface
Sterile water - compensates for water loss.

Contact your doctor, pharmacist or optician for more information.

  • Other information

  • Evidence of a reduction in symptoms

  • Provides 24-hour protection when used in combination with Artelac Rebalance

  • Provides long-lasting relief for dry, irritated, stingy and painful eyes


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